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The desires of your heart are signals of the spirit designed blueprint for your life. It's my mission + honor to help you birth those desires into tangible existence.

First step: get you connected to your Higher Self. It's through communion with your own inner wisdom that the life intended for you begins to shine through....then Life rises up to meet you + everything that supports your emergence shows up for you.

Second step: we work together to clear what stands in between you + your prosperous life. Pesky programming gets swept away. Say bye-bye to energetic cobwebs of old.



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**Pronounced ee-shell....you're welcome.**

The foundation of everything I do is to answer some pretty big questions- who am I? and what exactly am I capable of?

I've spent decades studying + practicing spiritual principles in order to answer those questions. And the deeper I go, the more I learn this is an infinite journey in self awareness.

Now I work with a unique set of souls- kindred spirits who are all on the same quest to manifest their greatest potential.

I use my lifelong experience as an intuitive + other skill sets I've gathered along the way to midwife the soul designed success that is all of ours for the asking.

I know that you're whole + complete + powerful AF......that's your divine birthright. And since you're here I know it's time for you to claim it.


The official deets on me:

Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist // American Alliance of Hypnotists

Board Certified Life Coach // American Union of NLP

Board Certified NLP Practitioner // American Union of NLP

Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher // Paramahansa Yogananda Institute

Creator of 12D Energy Healing Modality