Soul Salon Live Event
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Soul Salon Live Event

Back in the day when someone said "salon" they were referring to a social gathering held with the intention of learning + entertaining. They were often intimate gatherings of like minds- friends communing together to feed their connection as a community.

Soul Salon was birthed from my desire to create a spiritual community that brings these elements back into our modern lives. Instead of spending a Friday night at the bar, we come together for soul-centric activities (meditation, energy healing, etc) and connection (spiritual speed-friending).

Join me as your guide for our next in person event in Lansing, MI. Meet new people with similar interests + partake in fun spiritual connection together. Our evening event includes:

  • group meditation
  • group energy healing (I'll intro the modality I created, 12D energy healing)
  • speed-friending (you'll spend time with each attendee 1:1)
  • free social time


Soul Salon is a donation based event- to hold your spot click the button below.

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