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A pilgrimage is a spiritual journey- normally it's a physical expedition to a sacred place. But our Pilgrimage Retreat is an in person internal deep dive to your personal divine self.

You will have a sacred meeting with your Truth.

During and after your personal Pilgrimage retreat you'll feel more relaxed, energetically clear, mentally focused and connected to your Self in a way you've not experienced before. You'll walk away with insight from your own inner wisdom + the knowledge to continue deepening your relationship with your Self.


Your retreat experience may include:

  • active meditation practice to activate altered consciousness
  • intensive shadow work to integrate segregated aspects of you
  • mindset coaching to reset limited human programming
  • intuitive growth practices to unlock your spiritual gifts + abilities
  • ancestral work to resolve inherited unconscious patterns
  • and more


Pilgrimage Retreats can be experienced in a group setting, as a couple or as an individual with me as your guide. I travel around the US (please contact me for international retreat details) designing + holding space for you and all clients to have an intense, deep and enriching spiritual retreat.


Retreat options:

Full day retreat- three hours in session, one hour for lunch, and closing with another three hour block. Mini breaks during session time as needed.

Half day retreat- four hours in session with mini breaks as needed.



Retreats will be held at local sacred spaces. I'll rent space at a local metaphysical shop, yoga studio or dedicated retreat center. You also have the option of having your retreat in your own home if desired.

Group retreats are always in a dedicated space.



June 15-17, 2018- Denver/Boulder, CO 

Friday, June 15th open for Individual/Couples Retreat in Denver or Boulder

  • Full day $850
  • Half day $500
  • Deposit: 50% to book your retreat, balance due a week before your retreat

Saturday, June 16th  Group Retreat in Boulder, CO

  • Time: 10am-5pm
  • Seats: 10 spots
  • Investment: $400 per person
  • Deposit: 50% to hold your seat, balance due a week before the retreat

Sunday, June 17th open for Individual/Couples Retreat in Denver or Boulder

  • Half day available $500
  • Deposit: 50% to book your retreat, balance due a week before your retreat



    Have questions? Email me at ixchel@ixchellara.com