+ There are no refunds for services or products, live or digital.

+ Required questionnaires are due at least 24 hours prior to your session. If not received on time your session will be canceled.

+ No show appointments are not allowed to reschedule + will lose funds paid. This includes Abundance Blueprint Program clients.

+ Sessions must be scheduled during the year purchased or they will expire.

+ Specific results are not guaranteed. Your results are up to you + your willingness to do the inner/outer work suggested.

+ Self responsibility is a part of living abundantly- show up on time, do the work and never give up. Team #noexcuses #noblamegame in these parts!

+ Transformation happens outside of your comfort zone. Transformation happens outside of your comfort zone. 

+ My work is never ever, never ever never, never ever meant to replace that of medical, mental health or financial advice from associated professionals.