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Lisa Fraley has been a client for years + she was gracious enough to give me a shout in her book, Easy Legal Steps That Are Also Good for Your Soul.

"Ixchel Lara for your bi-weekly healing sessions- and eternal patience- to help me work through past life regressions, persistent karmic contracts, and lingering energy blocks."

You helped me to change my mentality on money.......and also to give more to the Universe so that I can have more abundance brought to me.

My goal was to have a job. Within the first two weeks I got a part time job and then jumped to a contract job, and I have 3 recruiters and 2 jobs on standby.

I’ve had free gas, connections made, interviews, parents giving me money no questions asked. All types of stuff. I LOVED IT!! The blessings are still hailing down.
— Uju Anachuna

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I just want to tell you that since our session…my entire response to money is different. In the past 4 weeks or so my world has shifted in amazing and miraculous...and terrifying ways. It’s like the universe has gotten bored of me not listening to it so it laid out a path before me that is just too obvious to ignore. It started with my session with you to unblock my money issues. It did SO much more than that- I feel like it opened a door for me into, what can only be described as miracles.
— Tova Gold

Lauryn Doll_Ixchel Lara.png
In all of my sessions I receive immediate clarity, increased sense of confidence and an infusion of personal power.Whenever we speak you make the divine come through with so much calmness and clarity- and it allows me to relax and be open to the shifts that happen and the space that is made for what I’m creating in my life.
— Lauryn Doll

Elizabeth DiAlto_Ixchel Lara.png
I am still soaking in everything we talked about....more like luxuriating in it. I received MAJOR clarity and also confirmation on some intuitive hits of my own. The exercises were really valuable by way of giving me some imagery to meditate on and come back to. I left our session with a deeper sense of trust and faith in my own inner wisdom.
— Elizabeth DiAlto

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I’m grateful that I honored my intuition to work with you. This created space for release of some recurring patterns: this was a safe space to acknowledge those patterns and let them go. Three words to describe your work- Powerful. Professional. Effective.
— Lindsay Pera

Lisa Selow_Ixchel Lara.png
My session with Ixchel was amazing! I really released some stagnant energy from old belief patterns that were really holding me back in my life and business. She was able to go straight to a core issue of mine, helping me to understand and heal it. I noticed shifts right away such as feeling more focused and relaxed. If you feel stuck and are not sure why or have tried many things to move forward, I highly recommend working with her
— Lisa Marie Selow

Deanna Lohnes_Ixchel Lara.png
I feel freer. I feel “allowed” to spend money on things I want rather than just things I need. I feel more in the flow. I feel like money and fun are not mutually exclusive. The pieces are finally all coming together around money. There’s nothing to panic or worry about. Money is there (also Money has a wicked sense of humor and speaks with an Australian accent. who knew?) Thank you again. My session was amazing.
— Deanna Lohnes

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Rebecca Tracey_Ixchel Lara.png
I feel like I have such a clearer picture of how I actually relate to money. I kind of always thought “Yeah yeah, I know, gotta have a good relationship with money”, but I never really took the time to find out exactly what that looks like. I know now that at the core of it all, it’s about having confidence in what I do, and not making my prospective clients minds up for them before I even get them on the phone! This for sure helped me with my money story.
— Rebecca Tracey

Mara Belzer_Ixchel Lara.png
Thanks again for the session. It was very eye opening! I got a fresh perspective on money! And permission to listen to my intuition around the flow of money. I did go and buy the iPhone! And, that night, I got a new client. Woohoo!! During the session, I came to the conclusion that I’m a total bitch to money! So flakey and dishonest. So, it was nice to have that awareness and see ways I can change that relationship. I’m working on that.
— Mara Belzer

Lynette Ramos_Ixchel Lara.png
I was able to recognize that I was thinking small, and that I was truly capable of all of the ideas I dream about. I was able to go one step further and take daily action to shift my energy. I began to visualize and focus my attention on the results I’m materializing. I’ve done similar work with others and most have served me well. Your session was the most unique in that your approach was so down to earth and real. I also was blown away with the accuracy and how my energy and thought patterns shifted almost was amazing.
— Lynette Ramos

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I always gain more insight into what is going on with my situation (including others) and myself, and then through our conversation and personal exploration how to best work with myself to be more aligned and authentic in how I show-up in life (and with what I hope to manifest). And I enjoy your insight, tuning into the situation, and sharing what you think/feel is going on- you tune into my energy, and help me release and move it so I can continue to do my own work and grow.
— Scott Church

Tracy Cobb_Ixchel Lara.png
I admire your professionalism- I am also learning from how you present yourself- I think this is an unspoken gift you offer your clients- modeling professionalism and how it can be done. In the session I enjoyed spending time getting out of my mental body, learning how to connect with my guides and other aspects of myself, and visioning with a cheerful and wise guide. I really enjoyed my sessions!
— Tracy Cobb

LaToya Charise_Ixchel Lara.png
Ixchel gave me a boost in shifting my mindset. She does it in a way that helps you release the resistance, name it, and not be judgmental about it. I became aware of what’s holding me back – the feeling that I’m not deserving of it, partly because I’m not acting on the intuition that I’m getting. Because of it, I am also more of aware of how I invest my money, and now I know how to focus my energies and what I am now choosing to act on. If you want to experience a shift, I recommend Ixchel!
— LaToya Charise

Chara Armon_Ixchel Lara.png
The sessions successfully helped me to release some past-life and ancestral patterns. I felt comfortable with Ixchel because she is clearly an expert at what she does and her confidence and ease are reassuring. It was amazing and wonderful to go deeply yet easily into the past life and ancestral issues, and to receive such clear, specific information from my guides. All of this was facilitated by Ixchel’s multi-layered gifts. She is highly talented in communicating with her client’s soul guides, past lives, and ancestral patterns, and making the whole process seem pleasant and light-hearted, even though it’s profoundly life-shifting.
— Chara Armon, Ph.D.

Tanya Brown_Ixchel Lara.png
I liked the past life regression aspect the most. As a big believer in past lives this just reaffirmed for me where my ‘issues’ began and the connectivity between the past and present. Ixchel brought up a scene from a past life and I had a regression similar to that during a Brian Weiss session. It was as if she was reconfirming something that I had literally seen before. I hate to use ‘perfect’ but the session was perfect for me! As mentioned I am recommending her to my friends as Ixchel’s authenticity spoke to me and I truly feel this was worth my time and that it has struck a change.
— Tanya Brown

carolyn messere_ixchel lara.png
Ixchel was very professional and very thorough. I felt safe and protected throughout the session. She really delved into past lives in a way I never had before. She told me things I heard before but dealt with them more thoroughly. I feel “clearer” and less tethered to my past and I’m more aware of my “magic” and it feels more accessible. This was an amazing experience.
— Carolyn Messere, MD

Chris Wang_Ixchel Lara.png
I really enjoy the guidance throughout the sessions. Also, Ixchel’s loving kindness and patience, how she entertains all my questions, no matter how irrelevant or silly or personal or unimportant they may seem to me, without judgment. My energy is changing, slowly but surely!
— Chris Wang

Henna Datta_Ixchel Lara.png
By working with Ixchel I have more peace and clarity but most importantly I’ve got hope for the future. Connecting with the positive feelings is what created hope for me that I had been losing steadily due to negative experiences in the past. I absolutely love how much ground we cover in each session. I always end up feeling so good. It’s absolutely fantastic!
— Henna Datta

Renee Marcoux_Ixchel Lara.png
All I have to say is Ixchel has changed my life. She is a beautiful and amazing person. Anytime I am feeling off track I call on her.
— Renee Marcoux

Heather McGinnis_Ixchel Lara.png
I’ve continued to feel lightness around me after our session. What I enjoyed most about my session was finding out and getting confirmation that I do have a purpose. I’ve always had that feeling, but never known exactly where it may lie. I also enjoyed the kind of meditative state during the exercise, which I’ve pretty much never been able to achieve prior to my session with you, and the difference I felt that day and in the days afterward.
— Heather McGinnis

Shannon Nicholson_Ixchel Lara.png
What an enlightening experience working with Ixchel. The feedback and messages delivered offered me validation. I’ve been struggling with allowing abundance to flow. Ixchel’s message offered insight into the areas within my being that are holding me back. Since our session I’ve felt lighter as a whole more confident thinking and talking about money. I was surprised and grateful for how deep this session was. The insights alone are invaluable.
— Shannon Nicholson

Adrianne Pontz_Ixchel Lara.png
Ixchel validated some things that are present in my life right now and that was very helpful to know that I’m on the right track. This helped validate the path I am taking and that is all I can ask for! I’ve already recommended her to several of my friends and I will continue to do so. Thank you.
— Adrianne Pontz

Saralee Hofrichter_Ixchel Lara.png
My session with Ixchel got deep and personal real fast. In a very focused way, She guided me to long held beliefs that no longer serve me. She helped shed light on areas of limiting beliefs. With light and love, she helped me to transform this energy, and open up to new possibilities. She is truly gifted at what she does and I highly recommend her!
— Saralee Hofrichter

lisa arteaga_ixchel lara.png
I felt i was connected with my spirit guides and angels, I’ve been feeling lost and alone and I don’t feel like that anymore. I felt validated in my own intuitive sensing- I know I’m not crazy! Thank you!
— Lisa Arteaga

Amberly Hollingshead_Ixchel Lara.png
Because of our work together, I let go of a memory from my childhood that was very painful for me. I found that going back and working on a ‘trigger’ was very useful. I now know the exercise to heal that and will do it over and over. Also, the energetic conversation was very awesome. Connecting with someone before you talk to them in person was something I never thought of before. You are SOO gifted!
— Amberly Hollingshead

Kathy Stenberg_Ixchel Lara.png
Thank you so much for working with me today. The best part was releasing the resentment I was holding on to, and that it was really toward me and not my ex! The second best is the action steps! Very powerful homework for me!
— Kathy Stenberg

arleen curran_ixchel lara.png
I think you are so funny and you bring a fun spirit to your sessions. It makes for a very different and uplifting experience. I received clarity, relief and direction. It was so helpful to hear the messages I was being given. It solidified that my intuition was telling me what I needed to hear but I wasn’t listening.
— Arleen Curran

Ozzie Smith_Ixchel Lara.png
I was referred to Ixchel through a good friend of mine. After talking to so many individuals in this field, I didn’t know what to expect. From the first session, I was hooked; Ixchel is a blessing, and is in tune with your spirit, your aspirations, and your goals. I’ve learned so much and gained such confidence in my decisions. Working with her has literally helped to open up doors, and remove some of the obstacles that was in the way of my goal of being my best self. I love the intuitive sessions, they have helped me a great deal. If you are on the fence, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You will not regret will have a profound effect on the way you view your world and the world beyond the physical eye.
— Oswald Smith

Gita Gavare Marotis_Ixchel Lara.png
I’m just flying after my session - it was so spot on! All the questions I had (and I didn’t even say them) were answered and I got all the guidance I was looking for/needed. I feel so empowered, supported and clear about my next steps: Im greatly motivated and know how to deal if my fears/ ego is stopping me. I’m so deeply grateful to Ixchel for this session - and I’m grateful to my self that I signed up for the session. World - watch me now, flying & shining!
— Gita Gavare-Marotis

Pamela Dale_Ixchel Lara.png
Ixchel was able to see an emotional block that I was not aware of that was prohibiting me from moving forward in my life. She was able to take me back and cleanse a lot of the emotional baggage I had been carrying throughout my life. I have not had an experience like this before; I was astounded by the results. It was like the coat I was carrying around has now been removed and I feel freer and lighter. What she was able to accomplish through her processes has changed my life. She is altruistic and if you have an opportunity to work with her I would highly recommend it.
— Pamela Dale

edna palma_ixchel lara.png
I really enjoyed being guided and allowing a trance like state to come forth, being asked the questions in such a way that I felt my response had space to be received. I felt vibrations throughout my body when asked to move from the initial past life memory I recalled to later years of life. I experienced a sense of clarity, not a definite this is what I want to do but I found it helpful to explore where I saw or sensed my future life. This was such an insightful experience.
— Edna Palma

denise simone_Ixchel Lara.png
Overall the session was extremely enjoyable and beneficial. The biggest reminder that I gained was that I can take action regardless of how I am feeling and that I don’t actually have to feel a certain way in order to “DO” anything. I get to create my own feelings within. I absolutely loved the tools I was given to use when I am feeling physical or emotional discomfort - really concrete, clear steps! The most enjoyable part of the session was at the very end when you were taking me through a visualization and I was able to witness my own breakthrough in seeing that my inspired self and fearful self can work together. Working with you felt very comfortable and it was the first time I was able to really see anything in a visualization that clearly. I loved how clear and direct the session was and how you explained the “why” behind everything you did. Awesome experience! Thank you! :))
— Denise Simone

Star Monroe_Ixchel Lara.png
I am just in awe of your talent lady!!! You are so intuitive and were “on point” with all the advice you gave me in our session together. You held the space for me to be ME and for that I am forever grateful. I could tell that you were genuinely interested in me and you were 100% vested in my greater good. I left our session feeling light and confident that my life is unfolding the way it is meant to be. Thank you so much. You are a fabulous woman with an epic talent.
— Star Monroe

Lori Latimer_Ixchel Lara.png
My session with Ixchel was beyond anything I expected. She has an amazing ability to connect and then drill down to a deep core issue, and then clear it. We cleared some things that I hadn’t even realized were an issue. She has a gift that can help you heal issues you may have struggled with for many years in a very safe way. After the work we did in just one session, I’ve been able to move forward in areas of my life that have kept me blocked and frustrated. I highly recommend working with Ixchel for anything that might be holding you back.
— Lori Latimer

Hayley Addis_Ixchel Lara.png
Ixchel helped me to uncover the beliefs I actually was holding about money that I’d been unable to find on my own, in the midst of some of the most wonderful healing I’ve encountered. I came away feeling lighter and with a concrete sense of what had been holding me back in my mindset so that when it has begun to creep up on me again I’ve seen it and stopped it. Easily! I can feel the story I hold about money shifting so gently that it is almost as easy as breathing. Besides the new understanding and the sense of lightness that came from our session I went to work the next day to find my wage packet was unexpectedly larger... and when an opportunity opened a few days later that I thought I couldn’t afford, a corresponding amount of money came along minutes later! Works like magic!!!
— Hayley Addis

Lea Southwick_ixchel lara.png
It’s been a few weeks since our session & I am still feeling the difference. I have a new awareness around being myself & having boundaries. With your help I was able to go back & see where this began & reclaim my ability to protect my energy while still giving to others. I really liked the meditation & visual aspects of the session especially the liquid gold meditation which I have continued to use daily! Thank you so much for your time & sweetness. I appreciate your amazing intuitive wisdom & generosity!!
— Lea Southwick

Jennifer Nassi_Ixchel Lara.png
I definitely released unhealthy patterns with money. I also found some peace with being in the transitional space I am in right now + received reassurance that I am being guided and that once I am through this next transition things will really start to open up for me. At first I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I found that Ixchel created a warm, safe environment and the time went very quickly. I felt listened to and that she was really there to be of service. It was a lovely experience.
— Jennifer Nassi

alison levy_ixchel lara.png
You are such a responsive and confident direct channel. I received answers to my prayers and questions- the information resonated and greatly helped me calm down about a stressful situation I’m currently facing. Your voice was very calming to me.
— Alison Levy

Lawrence Dalimonte_ixchel lara.png
I’ve had a number of sessions with Ixchel and the results have been outstanding! I feel much more focused and overall, just lighter. I enjoy the conversation during the sessions, which is important because that makes me more relaxed and can focus properly. That easy going nature she has along with her well honed gift makes for a great life changing strategy. I enjoy each session, however I also appreciate that there is a plan for me through multiple sessions, that will have a profound and positive affect on my life. For those who have yet to experience the work of Ixchel, plan on being impressed and a laugh or two along the way. Ixchel is genuine, sincere and really cares about those she is helping. I feel blessed to be able to work with her.
— Lawrence Dalimonte

nancy del monaco_ixchel lara.png
My session with you let me know that I don’t need to try so hard to get the things that I want in life, that I more need to calm down and “just be”. You showed me how I get swayed by distractions from the outside world instead of listening to myself and appreciating the moments, and keeping my impatience in check. I know that it will all be all right, and it will happen naturally, and not to get in the way of that.
— Nancy Del Monaco

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